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Charoen Pokphand Food: Corporate Film


How we explained the vision

and the mission of Thailand's largest agricultural company. 

Charoen Pokphand is Thailand's largest agricultural company that has factories and offices in 18 countries all around the world. 


Last year, they wanted to revamp their whole website and company profile to better suit their vision and mission to be "The Kitchen of the World." The focus is to explain their businesses which cover the whole food industry, from the animal feed, the animal farm to the food supply.

Humanise the business

CPF has been in the food business for the longest time and they've built a strong credential of their businesses. There is extensive and massive work behind the company that has a mission to bring the best food to the world.


Our task is how we explain it in the simplest form that also covers everything their business is all about. 

Your Food and Who's Behind it, Matter.

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