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rejoice THAILAND: the runaway girl


When the budget and the timeline were cut down,

we doubled down on

the creativity.

In 2017 P&G announced that they would cut down their advertising budget and looking for ways to work more efficiently. 

Google took the initiative and invited P&G Hair Care, Rejoice team to work together with the agency and Youtube creator to create branded contents in a limited budget and timeline. 


We loved the challenge, because it proved that creativity is a powerful tool to solve problems. 

A K-Drama trailer that created a conversation between Rejoice and its audience. 

We found out that most of Rejoice's consumers love TV series, especially the K-Drama. 

So, to promote Rejoice new Perfume Series, that is inspired by Korean perfume shampoo, we created a trailer to a K-Drama that doesn't exist.


The story tells about a young Korean girl who ran away to Thailand, hoping to be famous. She meets a Thai boy who seems to love her so much, but only at the end she finds out about his real motive. 

The sweet smell of success. 

Rejoice has been always regarded as an "old" brand by the teenagers and they don't want to be associated with it. However, with this new "trailer" they started to talk and engage with the brand. The perfume series successfully gained their part in the audiences' hearts. 

views in less than a week
sales target achieved
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