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Every Songkran,

there are a few songs that made it to the "Street Blast Chart"

and Pantene's "Hot Girls"

was one of it. 

When we were tasked to promote Pantene Summer Edition in Thailand, where summer happens all year long, we realized that we need to break the mold of conventional promo ads. 


We needed to stay true to the product promise that helps every woman to be "Summer Strong", keeping their hair healthy throughout all summer activities and heat.


And we had the best time to do communicate the message: Songkran! A three-day Thai holiday filled with all the most fun summer activities, such as water fights on the streets, soundtracked with upbeat music.


A song and an MV

that was actually a commercial.

We collaborated with Thailand's most celebrated hip-hop/rapper Golf "Fucking Hero" and Thailand's The  Mask Singer season 2 winner: Lydia Sarunrat to create the "Songkran must-play" song.

With the lyric praising all Thai hot girls - those who dare to live life, sans FOMO, even when the sun is blazing hot. Once the song was launched, our campaign based was laid. 

That summer Pantene went strong. 

With the song downloaded over hundreds of times and the MV hits 3 Million views in just a few days after launch,  selling the product was no longer a hard part.

views in 2 days
sales target achieved

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