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A Creative Communications and Strategy aid for businesses during and after

the Covid-19 pandemic

The current pandemic has affected businesses across the region and the economic predictions are not showing any signs of rainbows for the rest of 2020.


A moment in our generation that calls for our humility and humanity, coming together, putting aside our egos and making sure that we cope with this now and later.

As a network of independent agencies, we have a pool of talent that can help businesses with addressing a variety of problems and challenges you may be facing due to this pandemic.

We can offer solutions ranging from branding, creative communications, public relations right up to business and marketing strategies.

We are providing our services for FREE*

to SMEs, local businesses, non-profit organizations / NGOs and governments across the SEA region.

Tell us more about your business challenges or problems, objectives and goals

caused by the untimely pandemic.

We welcome any freelancers, agencies or production houses - independent or otherwise, to join the project**.

*Terms & Conditions:

  • Acceptance of brief will be on a case-by-case basis.

  • Initial consultation, strategies, ideation, in-house productions can be done for FREE but highly dependent on the level of involvement and the different consultant involvements.

  • FREE services may differ dependent on the brand or business requirements and/or best agency partner best in achieving your goals.

  • Some briefs or business challenges may require a varying set of agency partners to resolve.

  • Productions that involve 3rd party or require costs are not included, and we will only charge our service fee at a minimum, whilst recommending the lowest cost possible.

  • Existing agreements, proposals, contracts, quotations and on-going work with our respective portfolios of the participating agencies or consultants will not be eligible for this free service.

**Our network remains the lead in receiving briefs, deciphering them and identifying the challenges we can assist on - to ensure a smooth workflow. 

Read our opinion piece on Marketing to Gen-C:

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